Consumer Guide to 2017 Equifax Data Breach

September 11, 2017 12:00 am

Credit information formEquifax, one of the three major credit bureaus, suffered a security breach from mid-May through July 2017 that compromised the personal identifying information of at least 143 million consumers from the US, UK and Canada in the form of names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers. If you are worried that your information may have been compromised, the Federal Trade Commission has released steps that you can take:

  1. Visit, click the “Potential Impact” tab and follow the instructions.
  2. Order your free annual credit report from the three major credit bureaus. Review your reported information for accuracy and dispute any incorrect information.
  3. Monitor your bank and credit card statements to ensure that no unauthorized charges are taking place.
  4. The IRS Taxpayers Guide to Identity Theft will explain new identity theft procedures that are being implemented by the IRS for 2017 tax filing season.

To view more information about the security breach and the full list of steps, click here.